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Real Estate

Purchase & Sale Transactions & Re-Financing



We know that buying and selling property can be stressful whether you are a first-time home buyer or not. That is why from the moment you contact our office, we will make sure you understand the process and have all your questions answered. We will provide you with a comprehensive fee quote via email, a checklist and schedule your signing appointment at whichever of our 5 offices is most convenient for you. Please see our FAQs for more information.


Our lawyers and clerks are experienced, knowledgeable and accessible. We take a different approach to Real Estate; we are service-oriented and we work to make the process as streamlined as possible. We believe the best approach is one which takes your deal across the finish line and ends with happy clients. That means collaborating well with everyone involved including your Realtor and Mortgage Agent.


We represent clients all over Ontario for transactions ranging from condos to cottages to commercial properties and everything in between.

Business Law

Business Acquisitions, Sales & Incorporations

In Business? Thinking of getting into Business? We can help. From Business Name Registrations to Incorporations, Leasing and Franchising we can help you with your most fundamental legal business decisions. Navigating the legal requirements of operating a business can be complicated. We help you understand the Basics so that you can focus on what you do best…running the Business!


If you are selling or buying a Business we can help you structure and complete the transaction. The buying and selling of the Business is fundamentally a legal and financial transaction. We will work closely with you and your Accountant to provide effective and efficient legal services at a reasonable cost.


If you are involved in Business then your exposure to liability will be a concern. We will be happy to discuss the potential liability issues which affect your Business and discuss viable and affordable risk management and asset protection strategies.


We know that every successful Big Business started as a Small Business built on a sound foundation. We can help you build your foundation.

Wills & Estate Administration

Wills, Powers of Attorney & Estate Administration 

How will you ensure you provide for your loved ones? How will you ensure that your wishes are carried out and that your assets are distributed in the right way?


A Will is the answer and a well-drafted Will is a crucial part of any estate plan.


Some of the many important considerations for Estate Planning are as follows:


  • Who will be the Estate Trustee/Executor? Ie. the person responsible for carrying out your Will?

  • Will you be donating your organs or indicating specific funeral arrangements?

  • Who will have guardianship of your minor children? Have you designated beneficiaries under life insurance or RRSPs?

  • Do you have foreign property or assets that may be subject to estate tax upon death?


A poorly drafted Will can cause endless litigation, family discord and unnecessary expense. It is your intentions and wishes that form the foundation of the Will itself. A lawyer provides the expertise to properly draft your Will taking into account such things as changes in law and tax implications and also ensures that the Will is properly executed so as to avoid it being called into question after you are gone.


Should you become "incapacitated" while alive, a Power of Attorney provides you with a mechanism to control your affairs. A Power of Attorney is authority (in the form of a signed document) given by one person to another to act on behalf of the person giving the Power of Attorney.


There are two types: Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care. A Power of Attorney for Property can encompass all financial (and real estate) matters or can be limited to specific duties and limited times.


A Power of Attorney for Personal Care ensures that your instructions with respect to medical care are conveyed.


Given the significance of the decisions to be made and the power entrusted to the Attorney, it is important that the person chosen to be Attorney is well known to you and highly trustworthy. Equally as important is to ensure that the document itself is drafted and executed properly. That way, your chosen Attorney can carry out your wishes and act in your best interest whether it be financially or medically when you are unable to speak for yourself.

"Many thanks to you for continuing to address our challenges and help to resolve the transactional issues to our satisfaction."

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